12 No-Frills Truths About Sacramental Living

12 No-Frills Truths About Sacramental Living

No fluff in this post.  Just 12 straight-up sacramental truths.

1.     I don’t confuse what I do with who I am.

2.     Who I am in Jesus redeems what I do in life.

3.     How I behave reveals what I value.

4.     I daily remember my baptism and receive the Lord’s Supper as often as offered.

5.     I speak of Jesus rather than God.

6.     I incorporate Jesus and baptism into daily conversation and especially into weekly preaching and teaching.

7.     I embrace weakness, allowing Jesus’ strength to reign in my life.

8.     I embrace the unique way Jesus has formed me.

9.     I seek ways to bless people, not to take from them.

10.   I give grace, never applying law to a broken and contrite spirit.

11.   I teach you how to live as a follower of Jesus but at the end of the day, grace is the only thing that heals and grows.

12.   I express joy in words and body language because I know the end of the story.

Which of the above 12 sacramental statements do you need to act on?


  1. Bill, 

    Why do you speak of Jesus rather than God?



    • Hey Alex,

      I encourage people to speak of Jesus rather than just “God” b/c Jesus is specific and personal.  He remains very attractive to religious as well as irreligious people.  Plus, He is the door and the way, so the more I can have people engage with Him, the more seeds I can plant.


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