3 Values To Help Entrepreneurs Start – and End – Well (cont.)

3 Values To Help Entrepreneurs Start – and End – Well (cont.)

Last post we talked about values.  Values shape culture.  When starting a new endeavor, one must lay the values as you start because values are both attractive and protective.  They define what’s important and appropriate.  But they also appeal to the heart.  They speak to the soul.  They are the intangible that causes individuals to buy the coffee or protect elephants.  Or revoke an NBA ownership.  They provide motivation.  They bring the stickiness that isn’t easily discarded.

Values function as both foundation and fences.  While people write tomes about teams and companies uniting around mission, people united around values cause movements to happen because common divine threads define their view of the world.

I’m sharing these 3 values not only because they speak to who I am, but because I have seen the power of these values at work, especially in starting endeavors that connect people to Jesus’ Church.  I share them also because they are the heart of FiveTwo. 

Our 3 core values are Sacramental Faith; Respect for All; Action-oriented.  Respect for all flows from Sacramental Faith.  Core to being Jesus’ sacraments to the community entails we live out a Respect for All.  That’s value #2.

One of Jesus’ most disturbing behaviors (to the religious leaders) was his lack of disdain for those “outside” of the established church.  His entire being radiated a deep love for people, regardless of the path they were on or the lifestyles they chose.  As Jesus’ real presence, “respect for all” is how we honor the Imago Dei in others even though the Imago Dei may be warped and but a shadow of the Creator’s original intention.  All creation awaits Jesus’ return.  By demonstrating respect for the pinnacle of His creation, I help His kingdom come today.

“Respect for all” leads me to:

·      Love people simply because they are people.

·      Love the culture I am planted in, seeking cultural bridges for the Gospel.

·      Celebrate diversity and embrace the varied ethnicities and demographics Jesus has placed around me – I can’t reach people I hate.

·      Be generous and humble to all.

·      Rid my voice of condescension.

·      Welcome people into my home and gladly enter into theirs.

·      Adjust my worship style to accommodate them, not the other way around.

·      Listen for Jesus’ unique desire and passion in a person.

·      Trust people before they prove trustworthy.

·      Invite them into my cause, providing them community and camaraderie.

·      Help them belong before they believe because respect is experienced ultimately in belonging.

·      Have minimal hoops for them before they “belong.”

·      Seek to understand and respect why people feel the way they feel, believe what they believe, and react like they react, especially when different than me, especially if they choose to never belong.

“Respect for All” means I listen to people’s stories, bearing witness to their value.  I give respect by acknowledging them, first and foremost as a human being and not a human doing.  Their worth is based on their place in creation, not on their performance.

Our third value flows from the reality that time is short, the harvest is coming, and today is the day of salvation.  That means we FiveTwo folks are Action-oriented.

Apostles, catalyzers, and sacramental entrepreneurs are action-oriented.  We talk as we go. We discuss as we do.  While our identity is found in Whose we are, our joy grows in what we do to extend Jesus’ Kingdom.  We like to decide and do.  Ours is an impatient lot.

Action-oriented means I:

·      Help people to do ministry before they have all the answers because we learn best by doing.  (Think the docent model of training.)

·      Embrace due dates because they provide fulfillment and end-products.

·      Don’t do task forces or study groups.  T-o-o  s-l-o-w and usually a dead-end.

·      Appreciate progress, especially the kind demonstrated by changed lives.

·      Study a problem while trying out solutions to the problem.

·      Value change as a resource.  If something’s not working, change it.

·      Know there is no such thing as lack of resources; only lack of knowledge of where the resources are.

·      Consider most rules negotiable, unless strictly spelled out by Jesus.

·      Understand that action helps build momentum.

·      Intervene when a need arises, taking the action to the next level.

·      Gather leaders who will own the cause.

·      Treasure any action better than no action, and the right action is awesomeness.

·      Don’t accept “I can’t get an answer.”  That isn’t an answer.  Make your own answer.

·      Dig holes or tear down walls rather than let them keep me from a goal.

·      Go, gather, build, explore, accomplish, and move the ball down the field every day in some little or big way.

·      Daily pray, plan and push toward the end-goal of making disciples from the harvest, for the harvest.

·      I start stuff rather than simply talking about starting stuff.

Action-oriented means people can trust I will do what I said I would do.  And I appreciate when others do the same.

Sacramental Faith, lived out in Respect for All, with an Action-oriented mindset.  Adopt these values and allow them to flow from your life into the ministries, businesses and community development endeavors you start.  They’re a beautiful way to live out our calling as Sacramental Entrepreneurs.

What do you think?  We’d love to hear your thoughts below.


  1. This is the best piece I’ve seen from 5/2. Keep moving toward listing resources and providing nuts and bolts suggestions for church growth. Thanks.

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