Institution VS Movement

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“A strong, dynamic movement, then, occupies this difficult space in the center—the place of tension and balance between being a freewheeling organism and a disciplined organization. A movement that refuses to take on some organizational characteristics—authority, tradition, unity of belief, and quality control—will fragment and dissipate. Movements that fail to resist the inevitable tendency toward complete institutionalization will end up losing their vitality and effectiveness. The job of the movement leader is to steer the ship safely between these two perils.” —Timothy J. Keller

As you examine your local congregation against Tim Keller's chart below, where do you fall?  As you seek to be the presence of Christ — His sacrament — for your community, what vision do you have for that community?  This balance between institution and movement is the challenge for mission-minded Christian leaders, especially in the US.  As CrossPoint continues to grow and impact, we are striving to keep a movement mentality.  As FiveTwo continues to grow and impact, movement is definitely our goal.  

institutions and movements

Where do you see your ministry?



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How’s the Air?

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When planting a church, planters often focus on the ground of the community.  How hard or receptive are the people to the Gospel?  What type of sowing will be necessary?  But equally important is the mutual support of the existing Church in the area.  Are the local pastors and congregational leaders encouraging, pledging assistance, dollars and even people resources?  Have they been praying for your arrival even before you knew you were going?  The encouragement of the local Church for a new expression of Church is a great source of courage for the new planter.  It’s great air to breathe.


Hugh Halter,The Tangible Kingdom.

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The ancient church influenced the world not by lightening up their values or by veiling them, but by ligin them out in plain view of the culture around them. – Hugh Halter,The Tangible Kingdom.

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