Community: Earwig, Big Bang Theory, & Bible

Community: Earwig, Big Bang Theory, & Bible

Sacramental community is the petri dish for sacramental entrepreneurs.  It’s where the crazy idea of starting new to reach new infiltrates your brain, like that earwig from Star Trek.  It’s where you encounter a parallel universe of apostolic geeks, like Big Bang Theory meets the Bible.

Sacramental community happens when a gaggle of geeks sold out for Jesus and growing in how His patented presence uniquely shapes them for kingdom-good, commit to walk together.  They are crystal on who Jesus made them to be and committed to live out Jesus shoulder to shoulder.  That, muchachos, raises the ceiling.  Lots of room for coolness.

Try this on: The best way to experience Jesus is in a community of Jesus followers.  I can read about Jesus on the pages of the Bible; I can learn of Him through song and Word.  But to experience His real presence calls for me to experience His presence in His people.  Trusting His forgiveness flows from receiving that forgiveness from His people.

When I celebrate the sacraments of baptism and Lord’s Supper in community with other sons and daughters of Jesus, more than celebrating Jesus’ presence, His Spirit is forming me into Jesus’ presence.  He’s preparing me to be His sacrament with others.

Two huge benefits of that community?  One is Relationships that lead to courage. This is the plural you of the New Testament, how being Church is not an individual sport.  This is the reality that your experience – good or bad – when shared in the context of following Jesus, brings me wisdom for how I need to walk.  When I’m in relationship with others, under the Lordship of Jesus, I discover a courage for facing the dark alleys of life.  Cue the flashlight.

The other huge benefit is Camaraderie that leads to how.  Throughout life we’re faced with the how question.  When Jesus followers live in community, each growing in how Jesus has uniquely knitted her or him together, then your knowledge, your gifts, your talents become mine.  I don’t need to be an ear when you’re such a great one.  You don’t need to worry about running well when that’s my forte.  My strength becomes yours; your know-how becomes mine.  Pay the man, Shirley.

Here’s another way of saying it: Biblical communities gather to celebrate His presence in the sacraments and to be a sacrament for others.   Biblical communities in FiveTwo gather to live out sacramental faith, respect for all and to be action-oriented disciples.  And when those people are maturing in their walk with Jesus, understanding His exclusive call on their lives and how He has formed them for that call so they can bless the Body and beyond, that’s community that creates big bangs, Bible style.

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