Cosplay or No Play? What You Say?

Cosplay or No Play?  What You Say?

Cosplay.  I'm slow and didn't know what this was until just recently.  But it started showing up in my Google feed.

I'm working on Sunday's message.  It's on Colossians 3, our identity in Christ and the clothing that goes with that identity.  Halloween is an obvious tie-in.  But there's also this cosplay phenomenon.  If you're not familiar, go here for the definition.  Do a Google image search and the images will sear you somewhat.  Beware.  The word was created by a Japanese artist in 1983 while attending a Sci-Fy convention in Los Angeles.  It's a joining of "costume play."

Go cosplay and you'll find anime, movie, comic, and gaming characters.  Some people make a living out of it.  Of course.

Have any of you ever attended such a convention?  Did you dress up?  What do you think about the traction cosplay is getting?  How does it relate to our baptisms, our identity in Christ?

I'd be curious to know your thoughts.  I think cosplay is a bigger trend and speaks to a profound issue.  

Or not.


  1. My daughter is infatuated with Cosplay.  We attended Brony Fanare this summer which was all about people dressing up as or talking about My Little Ponies.  I'm afraid that it's just a gateway drug for her into the real Cosplay :), and frankly a lot of it is like D&D or other role playing games acted out in real life.  It can get incredibly complicated with all the rules, but at least it's human interaction instead of getting lost in a virtual world right?

    Are you thinking of trading in your golf clubs for a costume?

    • Ouch on the golf clubs.  True on the human interaction.  Role playing for sure.  Just wondering…

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