The Double-G Combo of FiveTwo’s Action-Orientation

The Double-G Combo of FiveTwo’s Action-Orientation

We have scrambled through FiveTwo's first two values and their corresponding behaviors. Hark!  Value #3 beckons: Action-Oriented. This seems redundant at first glance, since all values result in behaviors. “So tell me, Bill, why cut this action value out from the rest of the herd?”  (Wow, you speak great cowboy!)

Action-oriented is our value #3 in FiveTwo because there is a particular type of person we’re seeking and a particular type of action that person takes.  Let’s start with the person we’re after.

Sacramental & Entrepreneurial

FiveTwo’s dream is to find, sharpen and start 10,000 sacramental entrepreneurs in the next 30 years, resulting in a movement of spiritual communities that create baptized followers of Jesus from lost people. FiveTwo desires to raise up passionate leaders of all gifts and types, but our major focus is find, sharpen and start 10,000 sacramental entrepreneurs. These sacramental entrepreneurs will be catalytic, prone to decisive and quick action. 

If this is you, you want to start something that reaches people outside of Jesus’ kingdom, and you want to do it in a way that lives out the presence of Jesus ongoing.  You believe He’s really present in baptism and the Lord’s Supper for you.  And he’s also really present in you for the world.  So you want to start something that gives legs to that belief for generations to come.

Here's a brief list of your makeup:  You focus on foundations (values, behaviors, language and culture); you're theologically deep but future oriented; you're sent…and enjoy going; you take a long view of geographies and generations; you start from scratch; you're constantly going.

If that’s you, then here’s a Double-G swing thought for your action today.

The Double-G: Go & Gather

Your charge: Go & Gather.  Get off your duff, go see someone, and invite them into your cause.  Go and gather.

Two questions tag along with that charge: Where am I going today?  And, who am I gathering today?  Go: Where am I going?  Gather: Who am I gathering.

Let’s unpack Go first:

Go means you’re doing something outside of your reach, beyond your little world, past the walls of your office or building.  If you’re leading an urban effort, go means you walk the streets, get to know the owner of the corner grocery and the lady who runs the bakery.  You have “visible” currency. 

It also means you reach out.  You send an email or a text, pick up the phone.  Visit them in their work place.  Actually when you visit them where they work, that also hits our other core value of “Respect for all.”  When I come and see where you work, when I spend time watching you do your thing, I’m getting to know your story and understand what makes you tick.  I’m entering into your world and meeting someone I wouldn’t have met were I back at home.

Go means you study for a while but ultimately, you take action.  You’re in motion.  You’re not holed up all day reading a book about making disciples; you’re going so that you can make disciples.  You’re going to effect change and create momentum.

You’re going so that you can gather.  Which is where I'll pick up next post.


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