Holy Week Top 5

If ever a week full of images, Holy Week paints plenty with the Last Supper, the betrayal and crowing cock, the Crucifixion and wrapping the Body in spices, and, of course, the Resurrection.  This year throw in the bombing in Brussels, complete with first person video, and the Holiest of Weeks once again comes into focus.  As you walk through this week, may the truth “He is risen!” bring hope to your suffering and joy to your soul.


Here are my Top 5 Holy Week sites and articles.  I hope you enjoy them!


 1. MET Slideshow

Good Friday has served as the focus of art masterpieces for centuries.  Allow these to draw you back to the cross and the gift Jesus gave there.


2. Resurrection Paintings

Easter and the resurrection.  Death defeated and joy for eternity.  My two favorites from this site?  Bramantino, The Resurrected Christ, 1490 AD – a stark, angular Jesus with the sheen of death still on Him – and the always colorful, He Qi, Easter Morning, 2004.


3. Death, the Prosperity Gospel, and Me

This week is holy because Jesus and suffering became synonymous.  In a good way.  This first-person account lays bear how suffering is only addressed through the cross.


4. Happiness Hack

Jesus’ death makes possible the community we all desire.  Easter resurrects relationships we once thought dead. This compelling article lays out key First Article ingredients Jesus created for fulfilling friendships.


5. Easter Safari

And an Easter safari, for all the folks who love off-road vehicles with crazy more power than they need. Can I have one in my Easter basket?

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