A Letter to God’s Wonderful People at CrossPoint

Dear CrossPoint,

For the last 18 years, my family and I have called CrossPoint home. From the time we landed in Katy in January 1997 and joined 7 other families in launching this ministry until today, we have loved you, this community, and the Jesus who loves us all. It has been one of the most rewarding seasons of our lives. To see you get to know Jesus and grow in His forgiveness, to baptize many of you and your families, and to see the joy in your hearts when your friends and family meet this Jesus as well…what a phenomenally amazing time. Now I am entering another season I hope to be as rewarding and amazing: I am stepping aside from leading CrossPoint, so I can devote my full attention to leading FiveTwo, the church planting network CrossPoint helped found in 2009.

Someone once told me that when you plant a church, it’s like having a daughter. And when she grows up, you will need to hand her off to someone else. I find it divinely ironic that when I say “Her mother and I do” this coming May with Abigail, I will have experienced this already with CrossPoint. One of the reasons I feel such confidence in moving into FiveTwo at this time is the leaders Jesus has in place in our congregation. They are wonderful, godly people who will lead CrossPoint into Jesus’ future. Of that I am sure.

I like to think that when Jesus allowed me to help plant a church-planting network six years ago, He was preparing the CrossPoint transition to be somewhat easier for me: I am moving into a network that in many ways is a broader expression of CrossPoint, a network whose heart is to create ministries with the same love for Jesus and His lost people that we share here in Katy.

This is not a decision I made lightly. I have wrestled with this move for over three years and have consulted with numerous friends and mentors both locally and around the country. While it is a big leap – there is much work to be done financially for this to work – the recent changes at CrossPoint, coupled with the continued growth of the network, led me to conclude my leadership is needed most in helping start ministries that reach their communities. The sheer number of unchurched people in the United States continues to rise, while the mainline sacramental church continues to decline. Just like CrossPoint has led the way in Katy in reaching Jesus’ lost people, so, too, FiveTwo is leading the way in helping entrepreneurial leaders start new ministries to reach new people. FiveTwo is at a pivotal point, and my full attention there could make a huge difference, Jesus willing.

On one hand this new season will feel very different from the old. I will no longer be your pastor nor the head pastor; Jesus will bring someone else, as He sees fit, to that role, and I’ll simply be a parishioner. It will be a radical change for my family and me to simply come and worship, without us feeling somehow responsible for this family of disciples we helped form. In many ways you have been our life for the past 18 years. We treasure your prayers for us during this transition, as you will certainly be in ours.

On the other hand, though, this new season will be similar. We will still worship and serve with you – we love CrossPoint and Katy and intend to stay here as long as Jesus calls us to this community. I will still be connected to CrossPoint as a Missionary-At-Large and will occasionally preach and serve in pastoral ways, as the leadership desires, but only in a way that honors the new pastoral leadership, allowing him to fulfill his calling. We will continue to pray for you and CrossPoint – when you help bring a ministry into being, it never really leaves your heart, and when you help people meet Jesus, they stay dear forever. So while it might feel like we are leaving, our prayer is that it feels more like a changing of seats.

During this transition, I ask you to honor those whom Jesus has placed over you in ministry – our Board of Directors, Pastors Paul and David, and our staff. Pray for them, respect them, and encourage them. Transitions like this one are never easy. Already they have committed much time and energy beyond their normal roles. Give them much grace as they seek to lead faithfully.

I also ask that you begin now to pray for the future pastoral leader, whomever that may be, that he be filled with the full measure of Jesus’ Spirit, excited and eager to shepherd this ministry into another age of blessing and impact. Houston is an influential city for the sake of the Gospel, and Katy, a suburb full of leaders who travel the world. CrossPoint is uniquely positioned to continue to impact the world for Jesus. Pray now for the pastoral leader Jesus will bring to lead you in that calling.

Remember that regardless of how we serve in Jesus’ mission, or where we serve, we will always serve as one family in Jesus, for we share one baptism and one Supper, given to us by one Lord and Savior who is over all and through all and in all. He is Jesus, who is in me, with you and for the world!

We love you dearly!


Pastor Bill

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  1. My family joined Crosspoint last year and absolutely love our church. We fully trust and support you and the other leaders. Our family will be praying for you and your journey and for whoever fills your position. May The Lord Bless you and keep you and Crosspoint always.
    Sincerely and with love,
    The Lees

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