A Letter To God’s Wonderful People of FiveTwo

Dear FiveTwo,

Six years ago, when eight men and I took the first steps in starting FiveTwo, I might have briefly thought of leading FiveTwo full-time one day. However, over the past few years and especially the past few months, the tug on my heart to give my full energy and effort to leading FiveTwo has become more than a tug, and the day has arrived. I have decided to step aside from leading CrossPoint Community Church, a ministry my family and I helped plant 18 years ago, in order to lead FiveTwo, a network that fuels sacramental, entrepreneurial people who start new in order to reach new. I’m just as scared and excited as I was when my family landed in Katy, Texas in 1997!

As I looked at the state of FiveTwo, where we believe Jesus is leading us, and factored in guidance from mentors and friends, I concluded my full attention to FiveTwo could make a huge difference in this pivotal season for the network.  CrossPoint is ready for a new season as well, with a great board and staff, so it became clear that instead of trying to lead both ministries, my energies would be best spent leading FiveTwo. It’s a new day!

Two questions in particular have clarified that direction and compelled me to take this step:

  1. How do we continually enlist more “starters” in reaching Jesus’ lost people? The number of unchurched people in the United States continues to rise, especially among the younger generations, while the mainline sacramental church continues to decline. We need sacramental leaders who will start new, and we need them from every walk of life. We need men and women entrepreneurial leaders who want to start a variety of new communities – small to large and urban to rural church plants, businesses-as-mission, community development endeavors, house churches, study groups, book clubs, preschools, etc. – whose end game is to be the presence of Jesus so that lost people receive Jesus. While we are not espousing changing our theology (i.e. women’s ordination), for too long we have defacto sidelined the very people God has given His Church for dry seasons such as the one the US Church is entering. FiveTwo is positioned to awaken these leaders and fuel them for mission in the harvest fields. Until Jesus takes me home, I want to play a role in equipping leaders on the growing-edge of the Church to push that edge further.
  1. How do we help those on the growing-edge rediscover the power of sacramental? As a life-long Lutheran, my love for the Sacraments has only grown over time. The intimacy of the Supper and the celebration of Baptism, both bringing the divine reality of Jesus into my physical reality, provide forgiveness and encouragement in one-of-a-kind holistic ways. Yet too often we Christians leave those realities in Sunday worship, failing to grasp the presence of Jesus in our daily lives. FiveTwo wants people to possess both a deep love for the mysterious presence of Jesus in the Sacraments of baptism and Lord’s Supper, while also believing that Jesus’ presence in us empowers us to be His presence in the world. We are His Body on earth not solely on Sundays but every day. And we do His work by the power of His Word, in His authority, and with His presence. We are His little-s sacraments, bringing Jesus to our families and our communities. Until Jesus takes me home, I want to play a role in helping leaders on the growing-edge of the Church to grasp the beauty and courage the presence of Jesus provides.

More entrepreneurial leaders who possess a richer understanding of sacramental – that’s what we seek to produce through FiveTwo, and that’s why I’m excited to be moving all-in!

As FiveTwo moves into a new era, would you please pray with me for this transition? Here are some particular prayers I ask you to offer:

  • Pray for my family and me. Pray that Jesus give us grace for all of the unknowns that we will face and that our trust in His provision and sovereignty would only grow.
  • Pray for both FiveTwo’s and CrossPoint’s Board and staff. Pray for clarity and wisdom, that everyone makes incredibly wise decisions in this new season.
  • Pray for the results of this leap, that the work of FiveTwo will result in more sacramental starts that reach more people for Jesus.
  • Pray for the generosity of God’s people in providing the funding for this transition. There is a substantial gap to close in the next 6 months. If you desire to help, you can go here to donate. Your gift to FiveTwo will help make this transition possible. Thank you in advance for that gift.

Thank you for being a part of an exciting move of God’s Spirit. Thank you for your encouragement during this season. And thank you for being the presence of Jesus. What an exciting journey we have in front of us!



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