A Must-Read on Gay Marriage

A Must-Read on Gay Marriage

One of the best written pieces on the cosmological shift that is gay marriage.  It's more than a relationship issue: it's an order-of-creation, how-the-world-works issue.

What does this say to you and how you will approach this issue…in your family…in your relationships…in your congregation?


  1. Bill

    I read this article.   And the thing that pop's out at me is we lost the younger generation.   I even see young (agewise) Christians that grew up in the Church and they support gay marriage as well.

    I suppose instead of sending missionaries to Africa we need to send them to the youth of this country.


    • Bingo, Julian.  In general, the Church in the US has lost the ability to speak to the Next Generation.  It takes great work and sacrifice to be able to do that.  Something the Church is unwilling to do.

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