Pig or Chicken? pt. 1

Pig or Chicken? Pig or Chicken? is the first of ten case studies I’m writing for CrossPoint’s Leadership Institute.  While true stories I’ve changed the names and settings to keep some semblance of privacy.  The case studies will cover a variety of situations—from start-ups to established ministries—focusing on leading missional change and all that goes with it. I’ll post a portion every day or so.  Once the Institute has discussed the case, we’ll post the case in its entirety on-line at crosspt.org. I hope these equip you and your leaders for expanding God’s Kingdom!
The meeting 
It was one of the most sobering meetings Jeff Richards had been a part of in the past year.  Planting a church was difficult work.  And when key leaders expressed concern over direction or thoughts of leaving, it took fortitude squared to stay the course…especially when those same voices were fervent supporters in the past. Recently a number of leaders had expressed reservation about Jeff’s desire to push the congregation towards a public launch.  A number had come to him privately; a few had expressed their concern publicly.  But today’s meeting with Wes Martin—one of the leaders who had also coached Jeff over the past year—deposited another layer of doubt in Jeff’s head. Wes and his wife Monica were one of the founding couples, present a year before Jeff and his family arrived.  An engineer by training, Wes was a straight-forward, no nonsense guy.  A life-long Presbyterian, he and Monica were seeking a different kind of Presbyterian church.  They had tried a number of other congregations in the area but for a number of reasons never felt at home.  So for the year and a half before Jeff’s family moved to the Phoenix suburb of Surprise, the Martins had met monthly with four or five other couples praying and studying, wondering what God had in store. Jeff’s arrival marked the beginning of a new season, one filled with action and movement.  Now, just a little over a year after Jeff’s family moved to town, major conflict was surfacing among some of the leaders.  A number of those individuals were major donors.

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