Top 12 of ’12

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While New Year’s Day can easily fall in the cracks, overshadowed by Christmas, it’s a great time to look ahead with fresh eyes. It’s also a perfect time to look back and see what God has brought us through the past twelve months.

Before you jump full-bore into ‘13, try jotting down your Top 12 (Memories) of ‘12.  Here are mine:

#12) CrossPoint’s send off gift of over $40,000 to Matt, Lisa, and Ava Popovits as they moved to New York City. What an expression of generosity!

#11) Hiring Dr. Debbie Roesler as our Chief Operations Officer to oversee the operations side of CrossPoint. What a combination of wisdom, financial knowledge, and leadership all in one person!

#10) Our wonderful staff switching gears & adapting & rising to the occasion through a crazy year of transition. What a great group of people, excited about what God is doing here!

#09) Over 500 attendees at our 2012 FiveTwo WikiConference. What an impact, from the USA to Europe to Panama to Brazil. Wow!

#08) Helicopter Easter Egg Hunt at the Westgreen campus. What a frenzied crowd of egg-hunting kids!

#07) Every baptism Sunday, and especially watching parents being baptized with their children. What a humbling, moving experience.

#06) The Dominican Republic mission trip and the upcoming New Orleans and El Salvador mission trips. What an honor to make a difference in these locations, among God’s people!

#05) The leadership of our new preschool director, Mari Rudge, and the record enrollment of over 360 at CrossPoint Christian School. What a fantastic school and fantastic staff!

#04) The incredible generosity of God’s people, especially this past Fall. What an answer to prayer.

#03) FiveTwo’s growth and multiplying from 7 to over 30 local groups around the country. What amazing growth in our church replicating network. Wow.

#02) Watching EightTen reach the Spring Branch community, especially through movie nights and FallFest, and the upcoming community park. What an opportunity, to bless that community with the love of Jesus.

#01) YOU! Getting to meet you, talk with you, and see what God is doing in your lives. From my CrossPoint friends, to FiveTwo friends, to all my new and old friends- your large and small individual stories have been the most rewarding part of this year! What a privilege to know each and every one of you!

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