Are you a follower?

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I’m a follower of Jesus. Followers follow, and they have no problem saying why they follow or who they follow.Jesus wants us to follow. And to say why. You’ve publicly said you will follow Jesus unto death. That no matter the persecution, no matter the attacks, no matter if there were hoards of people encircling you, ready to eat you alive if you smell like Jesus, you’ve publicly said, “I will suffer even death rather than fall away.” You were baptized into the name of God the father, son and Holy Spirit. You don’t follow your congregation.  You weren’t baptized in the name of Bill Woolsey–at least I hope not. You’re a child of God. You follow Jesus. Children just sit and receive. Followers take action. We’re children of God, yes. But we’re called to follow, to take action.

So what are you afraid of when it comes to being labeled a Jesus follower?

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In Jesus’ Name…

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We are dying. Our bodies will die. We know that.

But we also know that with the final verse of the song, the final beat of the heart, the final episode of our lives, rather than the stage going dark the lights will all come on. What Jesus did millenniums ago He did for us. When He hung on that cross He didn’t just die for everyone in Malaysia or Madagascar, He died for me. He didn’t just save everyone in the Urals or United Kingdom, He saved you.

And because He saved us then, we are saved now. Because we were baptized years ago–or just yesterday–we are baptized now, which means we have the Spirit of Jesus in us forming and molding us so that more and more we look like Jesus, act like Jesus and will one day totally be with Jesus.

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Just How Needy Are You?

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“Do we recognize our own meagerness? Perhaps we don’t know the joy of being given something, because we’ve never been in the position of really being in need. Jesus said, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God” in Luke 6:20. In Matthew 5:3 he says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” When Jesus spoke these words he proclaimed them to a crowd of people who came to him out of need. They were sick, they were broken, they were “like sheep without a shepherd.” He spoke to them after he healed their diseases and lifted their burdens and spoke the words of comfort, “Blessed are you who have nothing now, for great is your reward in me, my life, my gifts to you.” But these weren’t his only words, he not only spoke words of consolation, but also words of condemnation.”  – Ken Chitwood

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Spread the Joy

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Christmas is about how God’s Son, a baby, was born, for you, given to you and belongs to you.  And to know him and love him, to be His and he yours, means that now your life depends only on him.  A baby has your life in his hands. Which is pretty serious.

While Christmas is about laughter and celebration, it’s meant to be taken seriously.  If you believe in Christmas, that baby born into the world is also born into your family.  You’re now striving to turn from your old way of depending on yourself, believing in yourself, living for yourself, celebrating yourself.  Stop that. Instead celebrate Him, depend on Him, live for Him. Allow the forgiveness and grace He gives you at Christmas to ripple through every day, every month, every year into every life. Allow the joy the angels sang of to be a joy that you sing of. Because of the baby, God doesn’t hold your stuff against you.  Don’t hold your brother’s, your mother’s, your son’s stuff against him.  Let it go. Friends, there is too much good in life to let your life be defined by the hurt. 

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

See, Christmas is a giant reset on the world.  It should be a day of pushing reset on your family. My prayer for you this Christmas is that the joy that comes from knowing your sins are forgiven and your future secure would ripple through your life and create great joy in those around you.

Merry Christmas.


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