A Prayer of Consecration For Mission Teams

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Our Father in heaven, who art the creator of all we see, of every creature who has lived or will live, we ask Your blessing on these our friends.

They are Your servants, Father, so bless them with results.

May the work of their hands be Your work. 

May You the Great Physician who grants authority over Satan and healing over the diseases he commands, may You grant them authority on this trip. 

May the gates of Hell not withstand their efforts. 

May the diseases of Satan not withstand their efforts.

May the people they touch receive relief from their pain.  May they receive restoration not only in their physical bodies but also in their souls.

May those who know You not, come to know You through their work and words so that Your kingdom would increase and Satan’s kingdom decrease.

May they find men and women of peace in whom Your Gospel work would be multiplied and Your Church established. 

May they start a new Church where previously there was none.

Bless them with results, Father in heaven.

And protect them.

May the vehicles they travel in not break down.

May the houses they stay in be places of refuge.

May their bodies withstand the diseases they cast out. 

May they not get sick or weak.

May their souls remain strong and trust in You for patience and perseverance. 

May their words not be confused but rather infused with clarity so that the hope of Your Son clearly be shared with those they meet. 

May the promises of their baptisms grow stronger throughout the days, giving them a great sense of your presence and prower.

And may their unity and love shine like the sun of the morning so that all who meet them immediately grasp their great love for one another and Your great love for all.

 Bless them with protection, Father in Heaven.

Give them grace be Your servants and their work to be Your work.

This we ask in the name of your Son, Your Word of Power, our Savior from Sin, Jesus.  Amen.

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