My Simple Secret To Showing Respect

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Respect is a word we throw around pretty loosely.  Reality is it is one of the most powerful values a sacramental entrepreneur can possess because it speaks to the heart of a person.  Frankly, it flows from your heart to his.  You can’t fake respect.  At its core it demands consistency and authenticity.  You can talk about being respectful all you want, but you can’t lip synch or karaoke it.  BS detectors sniff out fake respect from a mile away.

We’re in the process of doing a deep dive on FiveTwo’s three core values.  We’re looking at value #2: Respect for all. 

Here’s my simple secret to showing people respect: Posture.  By posture, I mean what posture you take in relation to the other person. Are you talking up to a person or down to a person?  When I meet someone for the first time, am I talking up to him or down to her?  Am I below her or above him?  My perception of my position in the relationship will determine whether or not I communicate respect for all.

Whose Position?

I suspect whether you agree with his policies or not, if you were to be invited to the White House for a photo op, you’d treat President Obama with respect.  Partly because of the office; partly because of the awe; partly because you know you’re not the president of the United States and He is.  Hopefully partly because as members of Jesus’ family, we called to respect those over us.

So you’d go into the White House, into that hand-shaking ceremony, with this sense of talking up to Mr. President.  And that sense of position would influence your posture, your words, your all.

Now let’s say you get done with that Rose Garden ceremony, you hop out on Pennyslvania Ave, flag a cab, and when you hop in you immediately note the smell of spices you’ve never smelled and music you can’t understand and the guy’s got skin that’s not your color and no mastery whatsoever of your language. Probably never properly educated in the finer art of linguistics. 

Are you talking up to him or down to him?  Is he beneath you or above you?  What’s your position in regards to Mr. Taxi Man?

When you look at Jesus’ life, He purposefully positioned Himself below us in order to serve.  He talked up to us, elevating social outcasts of every ilk.  And those outcasts flocked to him.  Why?  Because he truly respected them.  Did he agree with how they lived their lives?  No.  Did he love them and demonstrate honor to them regardless?  Yes.

Paul, in his ministry in Acts and in his writings of the Epistles, what posture did he take especially with those outside of Jesus’ kingdom?  How did he treat with respect the pagan philosophers in the Aeropagus in Acts 17?  What was he willing to give up in order to show respect to the Jesus doubters in 1 Corinthians 9?

Respect is all about posture.  What’s yours?

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