Mark Cuban Is A Bigot

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Mark Cuban, the fortuitous web-trepreneur who got out when the getting was good before the early 2000 internet train wreck, bought him an NBA team with the proceeds, instantly elevating himself to American demigod.  What warm-blooded male wouldn't want Dirk Nowitzki for a buddy?


Cuban's entrepreneurial style, coupled with his financial freedom, provides Mr. Mark ample opportunity to speak freely.  This latest instance is a breath of Wrigley Spearmint for all of those tired of the repeated media crucifixion of Donald Sterling.  You know it has to be bad when you agree with Bill Mahrer.  (Warning: NSFW, offensive language on board. Start watching at 2:16 thru the end for Mahrer's relevant thoughts.)

Please don't read me writing something I didn't: Sterling's opinions are not mine.  They offend me to the core.  But in our media-rich existence fueled by fantasy pulpits, we love to point fingers while ignoring the mirrors in our computer screens.

Watch the Mark Cuban vid below.  He definitely has it right: He's a bigot.  

And so are we.

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In Jesus’ Name…

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We are dying. Our bodies will die. We know that.

But we also know that with the final verse of the song, the final beat of the heart, the final episode of our lives, rather than the stage going dark the lights will all come on. What Jesus did millenniums ago He did for us. When He hung on that cross He didn’t just die for everyone in Malaysia or Madagascar, He died for me. He didn’t just save everyone in the Urals or United Kingdom, He saved you.

And because He saved us then, we are saved now. Because we were baptized years ago–or just yesterday–we are baptized now, which means we have the Spirit of Jesus in us forming and molding us so that more and more we look like Jesus, act like Jesus and will one day totally be with Jesus.

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Our nation’s religious icon embracing one of the sins most destroying our nation. #sadirony

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Famed Church

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