3 Steps To Make Jesus Go Viral

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What makes a YouTube video go viral? In a TED Talk from a few years ago, Kevin Allocca from YouTube argues that there are three key factors: Tastemakers, communities of participation and unexpectedness. (Check out the TED video here.)

Maybe you’ve had that moment…you stumble on a gut-churning cat video forwarded by mom or Brett Domino masterpiece endorsed by your high school friend Jack, who at the age of 40 still attends high school.  And before you know it, you’re but one of 5 million likes, joining a worldwide community guffawing at how easy it is to create a chart topping song or bemoaning how you got sucked into watching cats play with cars.

Tastemakers.  Communities of participation.  Unexpectedness.

You probably saw it coming, so here’s a little Jesus juke: in FiveTwo, we’re called to be the Jesus tastemakers.  We are the viral leaders who help people taste and see just how good Jesus truly is.  The Holy Spirit convinces the heart while we place Jesus on the plate or in the cup.  We do the work of introducing and sharing.  Divine Person #3 seals the deal.

Our communities of participation?  Choose your viral poison — your family, your local congregation, and especially, from FiveTwo’s side of the aisle, your FiveTwo Local.  Those are the key viral communities where we hope to see 10,000 sacramental entrepreneurs formed.  10,000 men and women who start new to reach new.  10,000 people of all walks who share your pews and share our passion of starting sacramental ministries for people who don’t know Jesus, for people who don’t associate Jesus and viral, unless we’re talking disease.

The unexpectedness?  What’s not unexpected?  God/Man.  Perfect but real.  Authority figure who loves outsiders.  All-powerful but self-controlled.  Timeless, transcendent payment for man’s debauchery and disobedience.  Crucified.  Died.  Buried.  Resurrected.  Returning again to resurrect all flesh.  Giver of totally free eternity.  Lover of souls and especially of my soul.

30 years from now we want to have played a role in making Jesus viral.  1,000,000 sacramental communities started by 10,000 sacramental entrepreneurs.  But to get to 2044, you have to start in 2014.

Tastemakers.  Communities of participation.  Unexpectedness.

O’ viral tastemaker, what say you?  What community needs to meet viral Jesus?  What unexpected viral twist would blow their little minds all the way into heaven?

Speak to me in that comment section below.

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