A Letter To God’s Wonderful People of FiveTwo

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Dear FiveTwo,

Six years ago, when eight men and I took the first steps in starting FiveTwo, I might have briefly thought of leading FiveTwo full-time one day. However, over the past few years and especially the past few months, the tug on my heart to give my full energy and effort to leading FiveTwo has become more than a tug, and the day has arrived. I have decided to step aside from leading CrossPoint Community Church, a ministry my family and I helped plant 18 years ago, in order to lead FiveTwo, a network that fuels sacramental, entrepreneurial people who start new in order to reach new. I’m just as scared and excited as I was when my family landed in Katy, Texas in 1997!

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A Letter to God’s Wonderful People at CrossPoint

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Dear CrossPoint,

For the last 18 years, my family and I have called CrossPoint home. From the time we landed in Katy in January 1997 and joined 7 other families in launching this ministry until today, we have loved you, this community, and the Jesus who loves us all. It has been one of the most rewarding seasons of our lives. To see you get to know Jesus and grow in His forgiveness, to baptize many of you and your families, and to see the joy in your hearts when your friends and family meet this Jesus as well…what a phenomenally amazing time. Now I am entering another season I hope to be as rewarding and amazing: I am stepping aside from leading CrossPoint, so I can devote my full attention to leading FiveTwo, the church planting network CrossPoint helped found in 2009.

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